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Forest Stream Marbled Necklace

Forest Stream Marbled Necklace

SKU: 180-278

Pops of kelly green overlay a deep green background, dappled with gold flashes and silver spots catches the eye on this tear drop necklace, reminding one of a forest streambed bright with dappled sunlight. Layers of color give a three dimensional depth to this two dimentional piece, set in a bronze bezzle with a bronze chain. This piece is made with marbled paper under a clear surface, and is handcrafted by Mary Mascazine, a master Paper Marbler.


    Pendant is marbled paper under clear surface and measures 1 1/4" x 7/8". Chain is hypoallergenic and measures 24" long. 


    Due to each piece being one-of-a-kind/consignment, pieces are non-refundable, unless that piece arrives damaged. If piece is damaged during shipping, please keep all packaging material and contact us about refund details. 


    Purchasing multiple items on our website could qualify you for discounted shipping via refund or store credit. Please contact us at for further details. 

    If you are not located within the continential United States, please contact us for shipping quotes.

    Shipping for small businesses, particularly one-of-a-kind fragile items, can be a challenge. We take pride in wrapping our items with care are dedicated to finding the best shipping options for our customers. 

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