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Meet the Artist- Brandon Knott

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

Have you ever picked up a beautiful piece of art and wondered about the artist who created it? In Angelwood Gallery's new Artist Spotlight blog series, we'll be exploring just that. Today's featured Artist is a favorite at Angelwood Gallery, Mr. Brandon Knott. Meet the man behind the art of one of Northwest Ohio's favorite local artists.

“My wish is for all people to keep art sacred in their lives. Art truly is the expression of the soul, and I strongly feel like art makes our world more interesting and less mediocre. When an artist produces something they're really putting a little piece of their heart out there on display for the whole world to judge and that takes more guts than some people realize.”

- Brandon Knott

A New Spotlight on the Artists of Angelwood

Brandon Knott is the very first artist featured in our Artists of Angelwood Instagram series! With the time of social distancing upon us, we thought, how fun would it be to connect you all with some of the gallery’s artists? So, we sat down (virtually of course) with Brandon Knott to pick his brain a bit about himself, his art, and what it means to him.

Brandon's Beginnings

Brandon produces “functional, yet elegant stoneware pottery for people to use in their daily rituals.” Originally from Northwest Ohio, Brandon has become a local favorite, with countless individuals utilizing his beautiful pieces everyday. Brandon knew from an early age that he loved to create, and spent his time drawing, painting, and sculpting. “Some of my earliest memories are of making artwork,” he recalls. “From the time I was young I knew I wanted to do something with art for a living." Knott originally wanted to be a comic book illustrator, but that passion took a backseat when he found clay.

It was in college that he discovered pottery. During his time at Defiance College, his pottery instructor, Steve Smith introduced him to the versatility, beauty, and functionality of clay. Cited as one of the biggest influences in his work, Brandon says Smith’s “throwing style and generosity are what made me want to be a potter.”

Brandon Knott's Noodle Bowls (pictured above) are a local favorite.

Values & Process

Brandon has been creating pottery since that time. His pieces are each handmade, and one-of-a-kind. He never worries about trying to create the exact same item in his work, saying, "all the pottery I make are kind of like cousins - they’re not exactly the same, but you know they're from the same family.”

“Keep creating, do not give up, and fall in love with what you are creating.”

- Brandon Knott

He instead focuses on the process. “My time in my studio is a meditative experience for me where I can let go relax and shut out the outside world.” He settles into a space of calm enjoyment in his work, and allows the pieces to flow from there. His mantra? “Keep creating, do not give up, and fall in love with what you are creating.”

Blues, greens, and orange splashes a background

white on Knott's teapot, cups, and sushi set (below).

A Homegrown Elegance

If you have seen, held, or have one of Brandon’s pieces you’ll notice that he is right on the mark when he describes his work as both elegant and functional. His splashes of color and marks of individuality adorn his practical stoneware and make each meal, sip of coffee, or other everyday actions a ritual imbued with beauty. “My work is meant to be used,” he says. “One of the things that makes

me proud is when a customer tells me that my mug, or bowl (or other item) is their favorite one and that they use it on a regular basis.”

We love having Brandon Knott’s work featured at Angelwood Gallery and very much appreciate his presence in our community of beloved regional artists. If you are looking to add a Brandon Knott piece to your own collection, his pieces are currently available at Angelwood Gallery in Grand Rapids, Ohio or online at

Do you own a piece of Brandon's work? Share your favorites with us in the comments below!

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